The best thing of 2012


2012 has come and gone so I thought it only right to share my thoughts on what was the “best in show” that year. This is what I’m putting my money on: Coke in the glass bottles for sale in Aldi. I swear I’ve never seen these for sale at a reasonable price before. It makes me very excited- and if you’re very lucky you may get a bottle with some actual human hair in it. Mmmm, sanitary.

Where the hell have you been?

Has it really been that long? Well I never. Happy new year anyway, suppose I should explain why there hasn’t been an update since june…

I’ve been off making a film, which if you care to read about: you can here-

But now that’s drawing to a close and there’s a whole new year to rant about… I’m back.

Happy fecking 2013…the suns too bright.

Brown and out.


I have of course seen you on the television